From the very beginning, Papas Argente has always had the corporate will and the priority objective of paying the utmost attention to each of the activities we undertake, to each decision we take and every action we carry out in order to maintain the quality, legality and safety of our products.

This commitment is embodied in the Papas Argente Corporate Policy based on the following guidelines:

To comply with current legislation, its regulations and voluntary agreements with our customers applicable to the activities, products and services in terms of quality, food culture and safety, the environment and applicable ethics and labour law.

To establish and follow the objectives proposed periodically in order to achieve the continuous improvement of our production systems by investing in innovation and providing all resources necessary at our disposal.

To respond to the needs and expectations of our customers in order to raise their level of satisfaction with the products and services offered by the organisation.

To continuously study and adapt to market changes.

Raise awareness, train and educate all the organisation’s staff to respect the environment, preserving natural balances.

To establish effective contact with the different official or private bodies as a system to achieve joint cooperation for the improvement of food safety.

To back, support and safeguard all decisions deriving from the Food Defence Plan, as a response to ensure the safety of the products that Papas Argente brings to market in the face of intentional acts of contamination or alteration.

To have a quality system in place that is based on the culture of food safety, and this applies to all areas of the company and links to it.


Papas Argente has implemented the IFS Food quality certificate at its facilities.

This certificate indicates that the certified company has established appropriate processes to ensure the safety of the products it manufactures and that it respects the specifications of its customers.

Our potato crisps retain the artisanal touch of their traditional recipes

  • Selection

    Selection of the best potatoes from the field

  • Preparation

    Peeling and cutting the potatoes to different thicknesses according to the type of recipe

  • Production

    Frying in a boiler for a specific time and at a specific temperature

  • Personalisation

    Salted and/or seasoned as required

  • Despatch

    Packing, boxing, palletisation and shipped to our customers according to their specifications

The IFS (International Food Standard) food safety seal is a standard designed specifically for the food industry that certifies the safety and quality of the processed food products and the production processes.

The fact that manufacturers and packers of food products have this standard allows them to accredit the supply of safe products in accordance with the specifications of current legislation.

Its main advantages include the possibility of exporting to different companies, guarantees of high hygiene standards, a tool for implementing continuous improvement processes, improving the company’s image, etc.


Results for our Delicatessen crisps, Brussels 2023.

World-class gastronomic experts at your service

The Taste Institute jury is made up of more than 200 professional taste experts, who are members of the most prestigious chef and sommelier associations.

But membership of an association alone does not qualify them. Each member of the jury is carefully selected according to their tasting experience; they are highly regarded by chef and sommelier competitions or top-level institutions such as Le Guide Michelin and national gastronomy competitions.

Hailing from more than 20 countries, the members of the Taste Institute jury are all external and independent. Their understanding of taste and their ability to provide relevant feedback is constantly evaluated and monitored by our tasting committee.